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Cake & Candy By Mary Lou

A little about ​Mary Lou, she is self taught.  She comes from a back ground of bakers and candy makers.  Her great grandfather owned 2 bakeries 4 generations ago and she has been blessed to have his original recipes.  Her Fathers side owned a candy shop from 70 years.  You can say it is in her blood.  Mary Lou has won 7 awards been publish in many magazines and had her cake shown on Four Wedding TV Show on TLC where the bride won. A lot of cake artist can make a cake look beautiful with fondant but Mary Lou is old school with today's twist.  She will use butter cream and create a cake that looks like fondant as you can see.  She started with paint brushes and food coloring on buttercream there was no air brushes back then, so you had to be an artist to paint on butter cream.  Her love for art and her talent allows her to create master pieces out of butter cream as well as with fondant.  She also will use chocolate a lot of the time. What makes Mary Lou cakes different is the luxurious decadence for your self indulgence, as well as her artistic eye of perfection.  God has given her a gift of talent that comes from the soul.  Plus a passion for art, with the two she creates master pieces.. She is the Queen of Butter Cream!!  "TASTING IS BELIEVING"

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We take great pleasure in showcasing our style and philosophy on the art of cakes and candy.  From simple butter cream with delicate flavors to fondant-covered confectionary masterpieces, we work with you to create dessert flavors and designs that inspire and meet your exact need