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Welcome to our unique boutique 

We take great pleasure in showcasing our style and philosophy on the art of cakes and divine mouth watering chocolates.  From simple butter cream  with delicate flavors.  To fondant-covered confectionery masterpieces, we work with you to create dessert flavors and designs that inspire and meet your exact needs.

Cakes & Chocolates made with LOVE    

Mary Lou is a Seven Time Award Winner & have had our cakes featured on TLC Four Weddings.  Mary Lou continues to be published in many top magazines.   With experience of 37 years Mary Lou's talent is superior.  From old school to today's exquisite designs.  Mary Lou is also know for her Whip Cream Iced Wedding Cakes with white chocolate confectionery art that will make you look twice for they look like fondant an taste exquisite.

We have change to a home base business so everything is done by special orders.  Made fresh that day.  There are some things not available under the cottage act.                                                                               Please contact for any question you may have.



WITH love